2009-06-05 20:22:20 by der-Wahnsinn



2009-04-29 12:07:49 by der-Wahnsinn

Lol I just logged in to my old Newgrounds accout. Haven't done any flash game/movie for about a year now.

Got several mails within the last year. They all were like "hey can I have your script?". Fuck you people I don't give any fucking stuff to you. I know my scripts are fucking bad so ask someone else. Fuck fucking fuck. Fuck.

Working on Minigolf

2007-07-20 08:49:22 by der-Wahnsinn

I've seen a lot of minigolf games on this site and many of them won an award. so i think the new minigolf i am working on will win at least daily 3rd because it has a lot more features than the other ones like an editor, a random terrain challenge and a 3D mode.